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Organise all those clippings in one place

Ript basically adds a new option to Internet Explorer and Firefox. It enables you to drag images from the Internet to a floating clipboard that stores everything that's posted to it. You could easily compare it to Safari MAC OSX Tiger. Part...
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  • by Anonymous

    Great ript lover. I’m the computer instructor in Japan. When looking for a very simple image editing software that can use for specially elderly people, I found Ript. That’s it. It’s very easy to handle, simple and sofisticated display. It does everything I need. Thank you very much to creator. Is there any way to use this app with Windows7?

  • by Anonymous

    Wow, what a cool dreambuilder!. I'm the leader of a large network marketing organization and have been looking for a simple application that can help someone focus on their dreams as a motivation tool. This app does it. It requires NO techical expertise, just puts a little icon that looks like a stack of pictures i the top corner of the screen. Anything you see anything that catches your eye, justMore