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I'm the leader of a large network marketing organization and have been looking for a simple application that can help someone focus on their dreams as a motivation tool. This app does it. It requires NO techical expertise, just puts a little icon that looks like a stack of pictures i the top corner of the screen. Anything you see anything that catches your eye, just drag it to the icon. The application not only keeps the picture, but the infomation about where it came from and when, as well as an option to type notes on the "back" of each picture (just click the little "i" under the pic). You can then resize, rotate, annotate the pics, pretty much anything. Once you fill one Ript dreamboard, you can start another and another and another; they're all available in a little scrollbar at teh bottom. You can even drag pictures from one ript file to another, as well as share them with your friends as a jpg or a ript file that they can themselves edit or use some of your pictures in their own creation.

I just love it! And it's free...yay!!

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12 Aug 2010

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